Food & Philosophy

Prime Meats is a farm to table restaurant created in the spirit of the inns and dining rooms found in New York at the turn of the century. Prime Meats is influenced by Germanic alpine cuisine and the menu pays tribute to the American artisan movement; featuring local and fresh ingredients, prepared simply and honestly.

After owning and operating the neighboring Frankies 457 Spuntino & Frankies 17 Spuntino (17 Clinton St in Manhattan) for five years, Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo wanted to try their hand at something new. Castronovo had spent many years in

Germany learning classic culinary techniques from his father-in-law, Rolf, a retired baker from Freiburg, and they were both avid collectors and students of 1920's craftsmanship and interior design. They decided that the healthy and hearty alpine cuisine would be a proper addition to their Brooklyn neighborhood.

Prime Meats fare is as rustic and warm as the reclaimed leather benches that that line it's dining room.  The pre-prohibition era inspired cocktails are crafted by our classically trained mixologists using the finest ingredients including house-made bitters and fresh fruit.  

Lancaster Farm Fresh

Prime Meats is proud to purchase dairy and produce from the good people at Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative.  LFFC is located in Pennsylvania and serves all of Eastern Pennsylvania, New York City, and most of the tri state area by connecting the farmer and the customer, delivering the best local organic produce, value added products, and humanely raised and pastured animal products to retail establishments, co-ops, restaurants, and institutions. 

Creekstone Farms

Creekstone animals are "raised and grazed" in the United States. They support local farms and ensure that their beef meets the most rigid food safety standards. Creekstone is committed to the humane treatment of animals. Their Black Angus cattle graze on lush pasture land throughout the mid-west. Prior to processing each animal is feed a high quality corn-based feed ration that enhances meat tenderness and flavor.

DeBragga & Spitler

Founded in the early 1920s, DeBragga & Spitler was originally named the Brooklyn Hotel Supply Company. In the mid 1930s, the company moved to it's current location on Washington Street in what was to become the "meat market" district of Manhattan. In 1973, Marc Sarrazin became President of DeBragga and Spitler, and the company became known as one of the finest meat purveyors in the entire industry. The company's reputation for excellence, quality and consistency was made, and New York's Butcher was ready for the next generation of great chefs and restaurants. DeBragga & Spitler is committed to naturally raised livestock. They are never given hormones to stimulate growth. They are not administered antibiotics, and are never fed any animal based proteins supplements of any kind. Ever.

Ceci Cela

Prime Meats is proud to make many of it's baked good in-house, but when it comes to croissants, we turn to Ceci Cela. French pastry chef and founder Laurent Dupal has presided over New York City 's famous Ceci-Cela for over 15 years. Offering authentic patisseries rivaling anything in Paris.

Blue Island Oyster Company

Located just 60 miles east of New York City, Blue Island supplies Prime Meats with the finest and freshest East coast oysters. It all started when Chris Quartuccio began scuba diving for natural oysters in the Long Island Sound and delivering them fresh daily to chefs in New York City. This business has grown substantially in 14 years and is now recognized as the number one oyster and clam distributor in the New York area.