Weisswurst, Bratwurst & Frankfurters

Weisswurst Poster

When it comes to making sausages, we stick to the German tradition.  Our house-made Weisswurst, Bratwurst, and smoked Frankfurter are as authentic as they are delicious.  Enjoy them at the restaurant or purchase to go at Prime Meats Delikat-essen & Provisions


Items offered include:



Weisswurst is made from finely minced fresh pork. The literal translation is "white sausage" and the mark of well made Weisswurst are the speckles of fresh green parsley in an otherwise milky white filling in natural casing. Weisswurst is a mild sausage served all over Germany, but it is most popular in Bavaria as a light meal. Enjoy it as the German's do with sweet mustard and a pretzel.


We make our Bratwurst in the style of Thuringia, a state of Germany whose cuisine is protected under European law.  We use pork to make this traditionally long and thin sausage spiced with white pepper, sage, and celery seed.  Bratwurst can be grilled, pan fried or cooked in broth or beer.  Serve with mustard, sauerkraut and a roll or pretzel. 


Our Frankfurter is of the Viennese variety - pork well-seasoned with salt, herbs, spices, sealed in natural sheep casing and perfectly smoked. Wrap it in a roll or pretzel bun to satisfy hot dog cravings year 'round.